Why Micro-chipping is Important

Micro-chipping your pet is more that just putting your details into a large database. These vital details can reunite you and your pet in the event your pet escapes the yard, digs a hole under the fence or goes missing on a walk.

How do I micro-chip my pet?

Your local vet can microchip your dog if it has not been microchipped yet, as well as check your pet for an existing microchip. It is compulsory! The price depends on the vet but is a small price to pay if oyur dog is captured by council rangers and spends a few nights in kennels. Any dog sold in NSW must be microchipped before being sold to a new family and every dog must be microchipped by 12 weeks old. Fines can apply if a dog is captured by council rangers if a dog is not chipped.

Why is chipping my pet so important?

The majority of pets currently in pounds all across NSW are strays who never go home. It could be because of the large fines and costs involved in getting the dog back, details were not updated when pet was sold or the pet was never microchipped.
Can you imagine telling your children that their beloved pooch is missing only to find that the dog has now been adopted and you are no longer the legal owner? Proof of ownership is vital in bringing pets home.
Another very important reason why microchipping is important is so dogs never spend more than a day or two in the pound. When the pound comes close to being full a free kennel or two can mean the difference between life and death for a long term dog.
And of course, we always want a pet to go back to its loving home!