Shopping List – Items We Need

Our shopping list contains a wide variety of items from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. We are thankful for all of the items that are donated to us whether it be beds, food, treats or kennels. Below are some of the items we need to help bring a little comfort to dogs (and sometimes cats!) in shelters or foster homes. Or, you might like to consider making a donation to help with boarding, training and vet costs.

Please get in contact with us to arrange a pick up or meeting point.

At the pet supply store

Everything your pampered pooch has at home is a rescue dogs dream! Rescue Hub accepts donations of wet and dry dog food, dog treats (which especially come in handy for capturing engaging images of dogs), blankets, trampoline-style beds (unfortunately they cannot accept beds with foam or stuffing), dog toys, dog coats and chew treats that can be easily consumed and are not a choking hazard.

At the homeware store

Nothing beats curling up on a cold Winters night with a blanket wrapped around you on a comfortable couch. You can also keep our rescue dogs warm, and sometimes you may not even need to leave the house! Blankets are relatively cheap at discount stores, or if you are cleaning out wardrobes, cabinets or cupboard you may find some old but clean blankets that can be given a second life.