Meet the Team


Julie has been involved with rescue since November 2015 and will be the one people talk to about adopting dogs through Rescue Hub. Her two Beagles Bodie and Baldrick keep her company and, when the time calls, she fosters other Beagles through Beagle Rescue before they find their forever home. Working from home allows Julie to also respond to comments and messages on the Rescue Hub Facebook page.




Elaine’s rescue journey began in June 2013 and since then has helped re-homed hundreds of dogs both big and small. Juggling part time work and rescue is always a challenge but Elaine spends the majority of her spare time helping dogs escape the pound system to help find their forever homes. She currently shares her home with Rosie the American Staffy, Muffin the Silky Terrier and Bonnie and Betsy the Domestic Short Hair cats.




Allira has always loved animals big and small which has fueled her passion for pet photography. She began by volunteering at Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter in May 2015 and is responsible for all the images found on the Rescue Hub Facebook, Instagram and web pages. Her furry four legged friend is Archie the Kelpie X who was adopted from the Shelter in January 2016. You can view more images and information on Allira’s website.




Alina is the newest member of Rescue Hub starting her rescue journey in May 2016. Living with her are two foster fail kitten brothers called Frankie and Fred; after fostering them for a few months she just couldn’t resist and had to adopt them! Alina joins the team on Thursday’s at the shelter to help photograph and exercise the dogs, plus you can find her helping out at fundraising events and keeping an eye on Facebook for lost and found posts to help reunite dogs with their owners.




Stef has a soft spot for dogs of all sizes and breeds. She began volunteering at the pound in March 2015 and has helped with capturing images of the dogs, transporting dogs to the vet and airport, exercising held over dogs and giving scared dogs a reason to love again. Stef currently shares her home with Zyla the Border Collie X and Nahla the Staffy, both who are rescue dogs.



Emily started with Rescue Hub in September 2015 helping out at the shelter photographing and exercising impounded dogs. Earlier in her life Emily was bitten by a dog which has left her with a permanent leg injury and afraid of dogs. After seeing our work through Facebook Emily wanted to overcome her fear and in early February 2016 Emily couldn’t resist adopting her new four-legged friend Stripes. Emily has also fostered numerous rescue cats back to health before they found their forever homes.




Rachel has been working in the pet industry for over 6 years and loves all creatures. She began volunteering at the shelter in November 2015 and since then has also helped transport dogs from the vet to the airport ready for interstate transport. Her pets include Shadow the rescued Labrador cross who she competes agility with, 2 rescue rats and 2 lizards. When she is not at the shelter she is completing her full-time Animal Science degree.



Susan is one of the newest members of the Rescue Hub team and has been volunteering since April 2016. She currently shares her home with her two dogs Guaiguai the Golden Retriever and Troy the Labrador. In the past she has fostered a few dogs short term while they rest and recuperate before finding their forever home. As well as visiting the shelter weekly Susan helps out by organising and ordering Rescue Hub merchandise through her business connections.