How do I adopt?

Adopting a dog from the pound or rescue group is not only saving a life but changing the life of that dog forever.

Adopting through a rescue group

There are many rescue groups throughout Sydney that focus on old dogs, specific breeds or types who have come from abuse cases, pounds, or public surrenders. Each group has their own policies and it is best to check with them on how to adopt a dog. A good place to start will be a Facebook, web search or PetRescue. To see the dogs we currently have up for adoption, please click here.

Sometimes we find at Rescue Hub that people are worried about adopting a dog through the pound, as they do not know the dog very well. Adopting a dog through the pound is saving a life, but with a young family we understand there is a small risk involved. If you feel concerned about getting a pound dog then we suggest adopting through a rescue group. Most rescue groups will have dogs in foster care and therefore people who know the dog inside out, plus they offer trial periods where you can take the dog home to make sure you have chosen a wonderful friend for life.
Adopting through a rescue group is still saving a life, as ever dog a rescue group adopts out makes a space for a new pound dog to come in.

Adopting through Hawkesbury Shelter

Dogs in a shelter change almost daily as new dogs are brought in as strays or surrendered while the lucky ones are picked up by their owners. After a certain amount of time if a dog is not reclaimed by their owner it is available for adoption through the shelter.

The adoption fee for shelter dogs depends on age and gender, but all include desexing, microchipping, vaccinations and lifetime registration. It is always best to keep an eye on the shelter website or the Rescue Hub Facebook gallery for a dog that might suit your needs, make a note of the impound and kennel number then visit the shelter to meet the dog in person. If you have dogs currently they will need to be brought to the shelter for a meet and greet as per the councils requirement.

If all goes well and you decide to add another member to your family, the council staff will give you a few vet options where your new friend will go to for vet work (desex, checkup etc.) before you can take him/her home.