Help Us Build A Roof GoFundMe
We, unfortunately, have to vacate our current rental property. After months and months of searching for a property for our rescue dogs, we have had to take one that doesn't have any kennels, and this leaves us with an area for our dogs' kennels that doesn't have a roof to protect them from the rain, wind or heat. We do not have enough funds to install a new roof; this is where we hope to get some help and support to build a sheltered roof to protect and house our current and future rescue dogs.
This is the area, in the photographs below, where our kennels are going that needs the roof. We already had a fantastic builder, Shane, from Neeson Property Group, come in with his team to give us a hand. He demolished all the broken, rotting timber beams and railings, boarded up the old open windows and fixed a few doors and we are so grateful for his help.
The next and most crucial step is to have a roof before the kennels are installed, and the floor is sealed and painted. This is where we are now struggling, and we don't know what to do next other than create this Fundraiser so our rescue dogs don't have to go into private boarding kennels.



A few of our doggies that the new roof and kennels will house - Mollison, Alina, Annie and Suess.

A video of our flooded kennel area:

As you can see, there is a big job ahead of us, but we are optimistic it will all work out, and we will not give up on our rescue dogs. We want them to continue to feel safe and comfortable while they are in our care, and we are determined to rescue more dogs on death row.
Please consider donating if you can - even a few dollars will make a big difference to our fundraising efforts.
Thank you and kind regards
The Rescue Hub Team and all our dogs.