Rescue Hub is run by a group of dedicated volunteers rescuing dogs on death row from local pounds and shelters. For the most part, dogs that we save would simply not be alive today if we did not rescue them. The shelter environment can be a stressful place for a dog, with some dogs simply not coping. That is where we step in, providing the dogs with any training and vet work they need before finding them a forever home.


About Rescue Hub
Rescue Hub was first founded in late 2015 but didn’t take flight until mid 2016 when a diverse group of like-minded people banded together in an effort to help death row dogs find their forever homes.

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How you can help
Did you know even cleaning out your cupboards and wardrobes can help keep dogs warm at night? Blankets, towels, newspapers and donations of treats all help us bring a little warmth and love to a dog while they are in the shelter.

Or perhaps you have a few spare hours a week to help us at the shelter or kennels? We are always in need of volunteers to help keep Rescue Hub going.

Fundraising events
We couldn’t do what we do without fundraising events and the support of the local community. The majority of our fundraising is from cake stalls as well as selling items through our online store. The money raised goes back to helping pound dogs whether it is reducing adoption fees, vet work, microchipping and vaccinations. Every little bit helps abandoned and forgotten dogs.