Donations are greatly appreciated and we simply could not keep doing the work we do without donations. We accept donations safely through PayPal, or if you are unable to donate at this time why not check out our store or view our shopping list for small things we need that wont cost you the Earth.

Donate on a weekly/monthly basis

Setting up a weekly or monthly donation will enable us to save more lives by placing dogs into temporary kennels, providing training sessions, paying for vet bills and so much more.

Donation amounts

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Donate $5

Every dollar helps, even $5. It may be a cup of coffee or an afternoon treat but if everyone donates a few dollars a month we can afford to have a permanent kennel in a boarding facility to get out an urgent dog in the pound, and in turn saving a life.


Donate $50

$50 dollars pays for 2 nights of boarding outside the pound and a nice warm bed for a dog in need. After vet work a nice quiet kennel is all a dog needs before going into foster care.


Donate $100

When we can, we reduce the adoption fee of the more urgent dogs by $100. With the help of donations and our own fundraising we can empty kennels in the pound before it is too late.


Donate any amount

We appreciate any donation we get, with 100% of our donations going back to dogs in need. You can use this button to donate any sum of money, thank you for your donation!